Is it safe to use a shuttle service?

When it comes to convenient travelling, nothing beats a shuttle service. You don’t have to battle traffic, waste time looking for parking or worry about leaving your car unattended for several days if you’re catching a flight. Despite of all these conveniences, people still wonder whether it’s safe to use a shuttle service.

Screening a shuttle service for your safety

Before you make a booking, ask the shuttle operator some questions to set your mind at ease:

  • Is your driver licensed and experienced?

Aside from being punctual, you’ll want the reassurance that your driver has the necessary skills and experience to transport you safely to your destination. All of the drivers at Bumble Bee Airport Shuttle Service have a PrDP (Professional Driving Permit).

A PrDP is issued to drivers who are responsible for transporting dangerous goods or passengers. Drivers who apply for a PrDP have to submit to a medical and criminal record check.

  • Are the cars serviced regularly?

A vehicle that’s not roadworthy poses a danger to everyone on the road. You may not be able to determine this from a phone call, but don’t hesitate to dig a little deeper. Check for images on the company’s website and social media profiles—and read reviews and testimonials.

  • Does the shuttle company have insurance?

You’ll want to know that should an accident happen the company has the necessary insurance. Bumble Bee has full passenger liability in place in case of any incident.

  • Will baby seats be supplied?

This is vital if you’re travelling with small children. You’ll find that most professional shuttle services will have everything required to ensure the safety of young children, the elderly and disabled passengers.

Unmarked vehicles protecting you from crime

One aspect of safety that few of us consider when booking a shuttle service is crime. This is especially true for travellers using a shuttle for transfers to and from the airport. Criminals are constantly watching for any sign that you may be leaving your home unguarded, or returning from the airport (possibly with cash or other valuables on your person).

That’s why Bumble Bee do not mark their cars with any kind of branding. Nobody will know that the car you’re travelling in is a shuttle service, and you’ll avoid unwanted attention from opportunistic criminals.

With the right company, travelling with a shuttle service can be exciting and luxurious. There’s something decadent about being chauffeur driven and it means your holiday starts the moment you leave home—not when you arrive at your destination. Choose the best shuttle service and you’ll be assured of convenience, luxury and safety.

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